The getML engine

The getML engine is a standalone program written in C++ that does the actual work of feature engineering and prediction.

Starting the engine

The engine can be started using the dedicated launcher icon or by using the getML command line interface (CLI). For more information check out the installation instructions for your operating system.

Shutting down the engine

There are several ways to shut down the getML engine:

  • Click the ‘icon_shutdown Shutdown’ tab in the sidebar of the monitor

  • Press Ctrl-C (if started via the command line)

  • Run the getML command-line interface (CLI) (see Installation) using the -stop option

  • macOS only: Right-click the getML icon icon_getml in the status bar and click ‘Quit’ (if started via the launchpad)


The engine keeps a log about what it is currently doing.

The easiest way to view the log is to click the ‘icon_log Log’ tab in the sidebar of the getML monitor. The engine will also output its log to the command line when it is started using the command-line interface.