Command Line InterfaceΒΆ

getML can be launched via the command line. The command line interface is called getML on Linux, getml-cli on macOS and getML.exe on Windows.

Refer to the installation section, for instructions for how to set up the command line interface.

Some parameters can be set via command line flags. If you do not explicitly set them, the values from your config.json are taken instead. The config.json is located in $HOME/.getML/getml-VERSION on Linux and macOS. On Windows, it is located in the same directory as getML.exe. The most elegant way to edit your config.json is via the configuration view in the getML monitor:

The help menu can also be displayed by passing the flag -help or -h. The default values displayed in the help menu are the values in the config.json (therefore, they are not hard-coded).

usage: ./getML <command> [<args>] or ./getML [<args>].
Possible commands are:
 run        Runs getML. Type "./getML -h" or "./getML run -h" to display the arguments. "run" is executed by default.
 install    Installs getML.
 stop       Stops a running instance of getML. Type "./getML stop -h" to display the arguments.
 uninstall  Uninstalls getml-0.14-beta-macos.
 version    Prints the version (getml-0.14-beta-macos).
Usage of run:
        Whether you want to allow the getML monitor to send push notifications to your desktop. (default true)
  -http-port int
        The local port of the getML monitor. This port can only be accessed from your local computer. (default 1709)
  -https-port int
        The remote and encrypted port of the getML monitor. This port can be accessed remotely, but it is encrypted. (default 1710)
        Installs getml-0.14-beta-macos, even if it is already installed.
        Whether you want to automatically launch your browser. (default true)
  -project-directory string
        The directory in which to store all of your projects. (default "~/.getML/getml-0.14-beta-macos/projects")
  -proxy-url string
        The URL of any proxy server that that redirects to the getML monitor.
  -tcp-port int
        Local TCP port which serves as the communication point for the engine. This port can only be accessed from your local computer. (default 1711)
Usage of stop:
  -tcp-port int
        The TCP port of the getML instance you would like to stop. (default 1711)