Python API

Welcome to the API documentation for Python. The Python API is a convenient, easy to use interface to the getML engine. General information about the interoperation of the different parts of getML can be found in the user guide.

If you have never user the Python API it is probably easiest to start with the getting started guide.

getML ( is a software for automated machine learning (AutoML) with a special focus on feature learning for relational data and time series. The getML algorithms can produce features that are far more advanced than what any data scientist could write by hand or what you could accomplish using simple brute force approaches.

This is the official python client for the getML engine.

Documentation and more details at


DataFrame(name[, roles])

Handler for the data stored in the getML engine.

Pipeline([data_model, peripheral, ...])

A Pipeline is the main class for feature learning and prediction.



Creates a new project or loads an existing one.