class getml.predictors.LinearRegression(learning_rate=0.9, reg_lambda=1e-10)[source]

Simple predictor for regression problems.

Learns a simple linear relationship using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression:

\[\hat{y} = w_0 + w_1 * feature_1 + w_2 * feature_2 + ...\]

The weights are optimized by minimizing the squared loss of the predictions \(\hat{y}\) w.r.t. the targets \(y\).

\[L(y,\hat{y}) = \frac{1}{n} \sum_{i=1}^{n} (y_i -\hat{y}_i)^2\]

Linear regressions can be trained arithmetically or numerically. Training arithmetically is more accurate, but suffers worse scalability.

If you decide to pass categorical features to the LinearRegression, it will be trained numerically. Otherwise, it will be trained arithmetically.


learning_rate (float, optional):

The learning rate used for training numerically (only relevant when categorical features are included). Range: (0, \(\infty\)]

reg_lambda (float, optional):

L2 regularization parameter. Range: [0, \(\infty\)]

TypeError: If any of the input arguments does not match its

expected type.



Checks both the types and the values of all instance variables and raises an exception if something is off.