Source code for getml.project.containers.hyperopts

# Copyright 2022 The SQLNet Company GmbH
# This file is licensed under the Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2).
# Refer to the LICENSE.txt file in the root of the repository
# for details.

Container which holds a project's hyperopts.

from getml.hyperopt.helpers import list_hyperopts
from getml.hyperopt.load_hyperopt import load_hyperopt
from getml.utilities.formatting import _Formatter

# --------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class Hyperopts: """ Container which holds all hyperopts associated with the currently running project. The container supports slicing and is sort- and filterable. """ # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def __init__(self, data=None): self.ids = list_hyperopts() if data is None: = [load_hyperopt(id) for id in self.ids] else: = data # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def __getitem__(self, key): if isinstance(key, int): return[key] if isinstance(key, slice): hyperopts_subset =[key] return Hyperopts(data=hyperopts_subset) if isinstance(key, str): if key in self.ids: return [hyperopt for hyperopt in if == key][0] raise AttributeError(f"No Hyperopt with id: {key}") raise TypeError( f"Hyperopts can only be indexed by: int, slices, or str, not {type(key).__name__}" ) # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def __len__(self): return len( # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def __repr__(self): if len(list_hyperopts()) == 0: return "No hyperopt in memory." return self._format()._render_string() # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def _repr_html_(self): if len(list_hyperopts()) == 0: return "<p>No hyperopt in memory.</p>" return self._format()._render_html() # ---------------------------------------------------------------- def _format(self): headers = [["id", "type", "best pipeline"]] rows = [ [self.ids[index], hyperopt.type,] for index, hyperopt in enumerate( ] return _Formatter(headers, rows) # ----------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def filter(self, conditional): """ Filters the hyperopts container. Args: conditional (callable): A callable that evaluates to a boolean for a given item. Returns: :class:`getml.pipeline.Hyperopts`: A container of filtered hyperopts. Example: .. code-block:: python gaussian_hyperopts = getml.project.hyperopts.filter(lamda hyp: "Gaussian" in hyp.type) """ hyperopts_filtered = [ hyperopt for hyperopt in if conditional(hyperopt) ] return Hyperopts(data=hyperopts_filtered)
# ----------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def sort(self, key, descending=False): """ Sorts the hyperopts container. Args: key (callable, optional): A callable that evaluates to a sort key for a given item. descending (bool, optional): Whether to sort in descending order. Return: :class:`getml.pipeline.Hyperopts`: A container of sorted hyperopts. Example: .. code-block:: python by_type = getml.project.hyperopt.sort(lambda hyp: hyp.type) """ hyperopts_sorted = sorted(, key=key, reverse=descending) return Hyperopts(data=hyperopts_sorted)