Source code for getml.project.attrs

# Copyright 2022 The SQLNet Company GmbH
# This file is licensed under the Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2).
# Refer to the LICENSE.txt file in the root of the repository
# for details.

Handles access to project-related information.

from sys import modules

import getml.communication as comm
from getml.engine import is_engine_alive, is_monitor_alive, list_projects

from .containers import DataFrames, Hyperopts, Pipelines

_functions = []

_props = []

def __getattr__(key):

    if key in _functions:
        return getattr(modules.get(__name__), key)

    if key in _props:
        if is_engine_alive():
            return getattr(modules.get(__name__), "_" + key)()
        elif is_monitor_alive():
            projects = "\n".join(list_projects())
            msg = comm._make_error_msg()
            msg += "\n\nAvailable projects:\n\n"
            msg += projects
            return None
            msg = comm._make_error_msg()
            return None

    raise AttributeError(f"module 'getml.project' has no attribute {key}")

def module_function(func):
    return func

def module_prop(prop):
    return prop

def _data_frames():
    return DataFrames()

def _hyperopts():
    return Hyperopts()

def _pipelines():
    return Pipelines()

def _name():
    return comm._get_project_name()

[docs]@module_function def load(bundle, name=None): """ Loads a project from a bundle and connects to it. Args: bundle (str): The '.getml' bundle file to load. name (str): A name for the project contained in the bundle. If None, the name will be extracted from the bundle. """ return comm._load_project(bundle, name)
[docs]@module_function def delete(): """ Deletes the currently connected project. All related pipelines, data frames and hyperopts will be irretrivably deleted. """ comm._delete_project(_name())
[docs]@module_function def restart(): """ Suspends and then relaunches the currently connected project. This will kill all jobs currently running on that process. """ comm._set_project(_name(), restart=True)
[docs]@module_function def save(filename=None, target_dir=None, replace=True): """ Saves the currently connected project to disk. Args: filename (str): The name of the '.getml' bundle file target_dir (str): the directory to save the bundle to. If None, the current working directory is used. replace (bool): Whether to replace an existing bundle. """ return comm._save_project(_name(), filename, target_dir, replace)
[docs]@module_function def suspend(): """ Suspends the currently connected project. """ return comm._suspend_project(_name())
[docs]@module_function def switch(name): """Creates a new project or loads an existing one. If there is no project called `name` present on the engine, a new one will be created. See the :ref:`User guide <project_management>` for more information. Args: name (str): Name of the new project. """ comm._set_project(name)
_all = _functions + _props