Source code for getml.preprocessors.text_field_splitter

# Copyright 2022 The SQLNet Company GmbH
# This file is licensed under the Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2).
# Refer to the LICENSE.txt file in the root of the repository
# for details.

Contains routines for preprocessing data frames.

from dataclasses import dataclass

from .preprocessor import _Preprocessor
from .validate import _validate

# NOTE: The r at the beginning of the docstring
# is necessary to correctly display the characters.
[docs]@dataclass(repr=False) class TextFieldSplitter(_Preprocessor): r""" A TextFieldSplitter splits columns with role :const:`` into relational bag-of-words representations to allow the feature learners to learn patterns based on the prescence of certain words within the text fields. Text fields will be splitted on a whitespace or any of the following characters: .. code:: python ; , . ! ? - | " \t \v \f \r \n % ' ( ) [ ] { } Refer to the :ref:`User guide <text_fields>` for more information. Example: .. code-block:: python text_field_splitter = getml.preprocessors.TextFieldSplitter() pipe = getml.Pipeline( population=population_placeholder, peripheral=[order_placeholder, trans_placeholder], preprocessors=[text_field_splitter], feature_learners=[feature_learner_1, feature_learner_2], feature_selectors=feature_selector, predictors=predictor, share_selected_features=0.5 ) """
[docs] def validate(self, params=None): """Checks both the types and the values of all instance variables and raises an exception if something is off. Args: params (dict, optional): A dictionary containing the parameters to validate. If not is passed, the own parameters will be validated. """ _validate(self, params)