Source code for getml.database.copy_table

# Copyright 2022 The SQLNet Company GmbH
# This file is licensed under the Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2).
# Refer to the LICENSE.txt file in the root of the repository
# for details.

Copies a table from one database connection to another.

from typing import Dict, Any, Optional

import getml.communication as comm

from .connection import Connection

[docs]def copy_table( source_conn: Connection, target_conn: Connection, source_table: str, target_table: Optional[str] = None, ): """ Copies a table from one database connection to another. Example: A frequent use case for this function is to copy data from a data source into sqlite. This is a good idea, because sqlite is faster than most standard, ACID-compliant databases and also you want to avoid messing up a productive environment. It is important to explicitly pass conn_id, otherwise the source connection will be closed when you create the target connection. What you pass as conn_id is entirely up to you, as long as the conn_id of the source and the target are different. It can be any name you see fit. >>> source_conn = getml.database.connect_odbc( ... "MY-SERVER-NAME", conn_id="MY-SOURCE") >>> >>> target_conn = getml.database.connect_sqlite3( ... "MY-SQLITE.db", conn_id="MY-TARGET") >>> >>> data.database.copy_table( ... source_conn=source_conn, ... target_conn=target_conn, ... source_table="MY-TABLE" ... ) Args: source_conn (:class:`~getml.database.Connection`): The database connection to be copied from. target_conn (:class:`~getml.database.Connection`): The database connection to be copied to. source_table (str): The name of the table in the source connection. target_table (str, optional): The name of the table in the target connection. If you do not explicitly pass a target_table, the name will be identical to the source_table. """ # ------------------------------------------- target_table = target_table or source_table # ------------------------------------------- cmd: Dict[str, Any] = {} cmd["name_"] = "" cmd["type_"] = "Database.copy_table" cmd["source_conn_id_"] = source_conn.conn_id cmd["target_conn_id_"] = target_conn.conn_id cmd["source_table_"] = source_table cmd["target_table_"] = target_table # ------------------------------------------- comm.send(cmd)