icon_configurations Configuration

In the ‘icon_configurations Configurations’ view, you can change a number of default settings of both the getML monitor and engine.

On Linux and macOS, your settings will be stored in the config.json file in the .getML/getml-VERSION/ folder in your user’s home directory. On Windows, the config.json is located in the same folder as getML.exe.


Monitor configuration

Using the switch “Allow push notifications”, you can determine whether the monitor tries to send push notifications via your browser. Note that most browsers will separately ask for your permission.

Via “HTTP Port” and “HTTPS Port”, you can alter the port the monitor is accessible at using your browser. Note that the HTTP port can only be reached from within localhost and for those two options to be updated, a restart of both the getML engine and monitor is required. Also note that the selected port number must be between 1024 and 65535 in order for the monitor to open the port without requiring superuser privileges.

How to use the HTTPS port to work remotely is covered in section Accessing the getML monitor via the internet.

Engine configuration

In “Path of the project directory”, you can alter the folder all your projects will be stored in and read from.

Via “Port”, you can alter the port the getML engine is accessible at using a socket connection for both the Python API and the monitor. You should only change this parameter if there already is a process running on port 1708 and the engine is not able to startup (in which case you would have to edit the config.json file manually). As with the monitor the port has to be between 1024 and 65535.

For those options to be updated, a restart of both the getML engine and monitor is required.


The creation and usage of TLS certificates will be covered in the Creating and using TLS certificates section.